Adoptable pekes

George came to us from a shelter in North Carolina where he was found as a stray. He was very sick with kennel cough and had to be isolated at first, but then he was part of the gang. When George came into rescue, he had significant dry eye with extremely limited vision. An ophthalmologist began life long eye meds to which he has a positive and rapid response. His vision has improved tremendously! He responds to visual signals much better than verbal. He gets along with dogs of all sizes. While he is house trained, he does “mark” his territory so he wears a bellyband. He likes to be close and to cuddle. He can get grumpy if he gets confused about what you want. He’s large at about 17 pounds, but is easy to pick up. Being an older guy, about 12, he sleeps a lot. When it’s meal time he’s right there ready to help. In all he’s a quiet, lovable guy.
Adopted! Puff the Magic Pekingese is about 8 years old and is as sweet as the come. He is a snuggle bug who loves to be in your lap or sit close enough to touch you. He is about 13 pounds, so a nice size for hugging. Puff is extremely house trained. He’ll “squawk” to stand up for himself but he offers no aggression. Puff loves to give kisses and he loves to sleep with you. He rides in the car well and he gets along with dogs, large and small. Puff is the perfect boy!